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The Rubber Room (90 min, 2F, 2M)

When a student in his Creative Writing class commits suicide, Mark is sent to The Rubber Room, a form of teacher detention, where he descends into a world of corruption while he attempts to prove his innocence. Readings: Urban Stages, May 2012, Santa Monica Rep, May 2012, The Road Theatre, June 2011. Developed in Center Theatre Group’s Playwrights Workshop.

Hell Money (75 min, 2F, 2FM)

Julie and Katie have graduated from the foster care system, and just want to find the money to go to college.The shit hits the fan on a night when Katie loses her hospital job, and Julie receives a mysterious package – and possibly a curse – from her dead grandmother. World Premiere: Chalk Repertory Theatre, Los Angeles, April 2011. Runner up for the 2009 Yale Drama Series Award. Readings: Black Dahlia Theatre, Los Angeles, August 2008; Reverie Productions, NYC, May 2010; Cypress College, Orange, CA, July 2010; The Road Theatre, Los Angeles, August 2010.

Full Disclosure (90 min, 1F)

Sunny is a real estate agent who really wants you to buy the Los Angeles home she’s selling. As she gives you her pitch, it turns out that there are a few disclosures about the property she has to make.  World Premiere: Chalk Repertory Theatre, Los Angeles, May 2010.Workshop production, Six Figures Artists of Tomorrow Festival, December 2008.

Stray (120 min, 4F, 1M)

James and Rachel move to Ohio from Uganda with a traumatized adopted son, and attempt to find a place for him in the public school system. We watch Daniel’s progress through the eyes of the adults responsible for him, as his behavior becomes increasingly alienating and dangerous. Produced by Chalk Rep and the Black Dahlia Theatre, fall 2009; Cherry Lane Theatre, Mentor Project, March 2010. Winner of the 2008 Stanley Drama Award. Readings at: Black Dahlia Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NY, Wagner College, Cultural Conversations, Penn State University, Abingdon Theatre, NY.

The Nightshade Family (100 min, 2F, 2FM)

Hannah, a young dentist, is about to embark on a medical mission to Hungary when her fuck-up younger brother shows up on her doorstep with a mouth full of rotting teeth. A story of sibling rivalry worked out through dentistry. Produced in SPFNYC, July 2007. Produced in the Baldwin New Play Festival, University of California, San Diego. Finalist in the Kendeda Graduate Playwriting Competition. Readings at Playwrights Horizons, NY and Alliance Theatre, Atlanta.

Security Check (70 min, 3F, 3M)

Aimee flies from JFK to Heathrow to attend a conference, only to find that her entry is denied because of an unresolved mistake from her past. She heads down the rabbit hole of airport security, shuttled from airport to airport to meet her fate. Workshop production, Six Figures Artists of Tomorrow Festival, December 2006.

500 words (80 min, 4F, 2M)

Three New York City immigrant teenagers take an internship organizing submission for an essay contest on patriotism in America. Disgusted by the phoniness of the entries, they form a bet to see if they can win the contest with honest responses to the topic. Produced in the Baldwin New Play Festival, University of California, San Diego. Published by Playscripts, Inc.

Long Term Parking (70 min, 1F, 2M)

John and Abbey work at a lonely airport parking lot in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, confined together to a tiny booth. After a rough start, John develops a crush on Abbey, who is recovering from a sexual assault and is less than interested in John’s advances. Instead she becomes increasingly obsessed with a wealthy jetsetting customer, whose return to the parking lot she hopes will fulfill her dreams of a better life. Published by Playscripts, Inc.


Skins and Bones (15 min, 1M, 1F)

Evolution (10 min, 2F)

Gravity (10 min, 1F, 1M)

Otherwise Engaged (10 min, 2F)

Breaking News (10 min, 1F, 1M)

Mail Returned (45 min, 2F, 1M)

Cargo (45 min, 2F, 3M)

The Noise Room (45 min, 3F, 2M)

Development (10 min 1F, 1M)

I am usually thrilled to have my plays produced, performed, or even used in classroom work. But I am posting them here simply for you to read. Be sure to contact me at to obtain the rights before you do anything else with them.