STRAY in the Mentor Project

The Mentor Project production of my play STRAY opens Tuesday March, 16! The process has been incredible, and the mentorship on the play invaluable. The script has grown a lot since the Los Angeles production, so I hope you’ll come out and see it!

Here’s the blurb the Cherry Lane has posted on their site,

James and Rachel seem like the perfect parents: well-educated, successful, middle-class…white. But when their adopted son from Uganda is threatened with expulsion from school, they are confronted with the real challenges of parenting a traumatized child in suburban America. Ruth McKee’s racially charged play underscores homogeny’s fragile nature, and questions whose responsibility it is to care for the “strays” of the world.

The cast includes Emily Ackerman, Brianne Berkson, Anthony Hagopian, Petronia Paley, and Lisa Ramirez. It’s directed by Giovanna Sardelli, and mentored by David Henry Hwang.


One thought on “STRAY in the Mentor Project

  1. Norma Kramer says:

    Just a note to say that I saw the Cherry Lane production of Stray tonight. I think it is a brilliantly written, fascinating work and the casting was perfect. I will be watching what happens to this play as I feel it has a certain bright future. Congrats to Ruth McKee.

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