And finally, a production!

For the past week or so I’ve been busy with the casting process for my play STRAY, which, after several years and many many developmental readings and workshops (for which I am eternally grateful!), is finally going into production this fall!

The production will be a joint effort between the Black Dahlia Theatre, where I am Literary Manager, and my new company Chalk Rep. Chalk has been producing up a storm this year. This will be our fourth production since the launch last December. All three shows so far have had great audience and critical response, and have done so without breaking the bank. Now we’re just crossing our fingers for a fourth.

We go into rehearsals in a few weeks, and start performances October 14, running Thurs-Sun until November 22nd. This will amazingly be the longest run I’ve ever had for a show to date. But with a 30-seat house, we kind of need it.

Stay tuned for info on the cast and where to buy tickets!


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