Immigrant Heritage Week

Next week is Immigrant Heritage Week around New York City! How do I know this? Because as a part of the celebrations, Abingdon Theatre will be producing a reading of my play STRAY.

STRAY deals with a white couple who return from Africa with a traumatized adopted son, and attempt to find a place for him in the public school system. Although the play doesn’t deal directly with immigration (for that, see my play 500 Words), several of the characters are immigrants, dealing with the alienation and culture shock that comes with transplanting to a new country.  And then of course there is the oft-forgotten fact that I, too, am an immigrant (naturalized for three years now). There’s a joke about that in the play, for those who are paying attention.

So if you happen to be in NY and trying to figure out how to celebrate your immigrant heritage, please come out and hear the play! Director Josh Hecht has put together an awesome cast, so it should be a great read.

7PM.  Monday, April 20 

Abingdon Theatre, 312 W 36th Street, 1st Floor

FREE! No reservations required


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