Full Disclosure

Rehearsals have been going along swimmingly for the one-person show that I mentioned a few posts back, and my actress Amy Ellenberger and I are getting ready to take the show on the road!

Full Disclosure is a brand new piece that has in some ways been brewing for a long time. Back in 2006 I had this idea to write a play about a real estate agent in Los Angeles who was selling a life that she couldn’t afford to buy. The idea was that she would sell a house to a couple whose marriage was on the rocks, and insinuate herself into their relationship, causing their eventual demise. I had a great opening scene with Sunny, the real estate agent, and then about eighty pages of other scenes that I eventually realized weren’t really going anywhere. So a scrapped the entire thing and wrote Stray.

Then this past summer I was thinking I should write something for Amy – because she is an awesome actress and I knew she’d bring a ton of energy to whatever project I wrote for her. As I was thinking about what would be good for Amy, Sunny resurfaced in my mind, reminding me that I never finished telling her story.  And I realized that the problem with the earlier incarnation of the play was not the story itself, but the point of view. Sunny is by far the most interesting and empathetic of the characters, but when I wrote it as a multi-character play, it inevitably became about the couple. So I decided to start again, stripping away the other characters, and just letting Sunny tell her story.

And tell it she does! Amy is already nearly off-book for the 28 pages of text, and we’ve blocked most of the show in my living room. At the end of next week we’ll fly to New York, where our awesome director Valentina Fratti is going to whip us into shape for performance at the West End Theatre, December 8 and 9. I think it’s going to be a great show and hope that many of you will be able to come see it! For tickets and more info visit www.sixfigures.com


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