Plays I Wish I Could See

There is suddenly a glut of amazing theatre going on around Los Angeles, and I’m frustrated by the knowledge that I’m not going to make it to all of it. While I’m tempted to just run out and gorge myself on it all, I know that even at my most organized, there’s no way I will make it to everything I want to see before it closes. So instead I will post my good intentions here, and maybe, if I don’t make it to all of these, someone out there will be inspired to go in my stead.

Here’s my list! (in alphabetical order):

By the Waters of Babylon – Geffen Playhouse. A two-hander by Robert Schenkkan. I have embarrassingly never made it to the Geffen in two and a half years in LA, but really hope to make it to this.

For All Time – Cornerstone Theatre Company. A play about the criminal justice system, created in collaboration with people in that community. This is totally up my alley, but closes this weekend, so I’m not sure I’ll make it.

Gem of The Ocean – Fountain Theatre. I saw their production of Joe Turner’s Come and Gone when I first arrived in LA and thought they handled August Wilson really well. This could be good.

The Joy Luck Club – East West Players. This is featuring my good friend Jennifer Chang, and while the play itself is not one I would normally run out to see, EWP always does quality work.

Salvage – Native Voices at the Autry. Diane Glancy is one of the playwrights in the Upstart Crow project. I hear great things and would love to get to know her work.

School of Night – Center Theatre Group. No personal connection here, just sounds awesome. A thriller about Christopher Marlowe.

The Sequence – Theatre@Boston Court. I don’t know much about the writer, but Boston Court is a director’s theatre and the productions are always high-quality and interesting, even when I don’t love the play.

Song of Extinction – Moving Arts (inside at the Ford). I’ve been seeing EM Lewis’s name pop up all over the place for a while now, and have not yet managed to get out to see her work. I’d really like to catch this one.

Spring Awakening – Center Theatre Group. This was the big musical of two seasons ago and I still haven’t seen it. Is it too late? 

Phew. I guess that’s not too bad. And maybe putting it out there like this will help me create room to see them all. In the meantime, what have I been watching? Last weekend I made it to US Drag at Furious Theatre Company, and to Quixotic, written by former Young Playwright Kit Steinkellner. Both are recommended, as well as Susan Johnston’s How Cissy Grew at the El Portal – closing this weekend.

Hope you make it to the theatre, too! And if you’re put off by ticket prices, all of these plays except for Spring Awakening have half-price tickets available  here:


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