Valley Girl

I feel like it’s been three lifetimes since the last time I posted, and the main reason for this is geographical. Over the past two weeks I’ve been slowly moving my Los Angeles base from busy, bustling West Hollywood, to the quiet, tree-lined Sherman Oaks. It’s a welcome change, but as these things go it’s been a lot of hard work. Painting, packing, shutting heavy items from home depot – all mostly physical tasks that are incredibly satisfying to complete, but leave you without the creative energy at the end of the day to report.

In the meantime, however, I’ve also started rehearsals for Full Disclosure, a one-person show that I wrote this summer for my actress friend Amy Ellenberger. Amy and I are going to be bringing the show to New York in December for a two-night run Six Figures Theatre Company’s Artists of Tomorrow Festival. As difficult it is to juggle everything at the moment, I’m really happy to be back in rehearsal again. Tickets for the show are already on sale here if you want to be first in line!


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