Please activate glowstick when Samuel L. Jackson starts talking

After two years experimentation with blonde highlights, I am back to being a brunette. This was not entirely my decision. As I’m about to move to the Valley, I decided to seek out a new hairdresser in that area. With the help of yelp, I found a very cool salon that was willing to take me in at the last minute. I didn’t really know what I wanted, so I told my new stylist that it was up to her, and she ended up chopping off about four inches and making my hair chocolate brown. A pretty radical change, but one that kind of makes me feel like myself again.

The reason for the last-minute haircut was that Brian and I were attending the Spike TV Scream awards last night at the Greek Theatre.  Y: The Last Man was nominated for “Best Comic Book” in a ceremony honoring all things sci-fi, fantasy and horror. When we got to the theatre and picked up our credentials (talent and talent guest, accordingly), they showed us to the edge of the red carpet where we fully expected to be shuttled down to the end while the real celebrities walked in. Instead, Brian and Y artist Pia Guerra were subjected to about 45 minutes of red carpet interviews, while Pia’s husband and I lingered around and tried not to slouch, lest we end up in the background of a picture of the Ozbourne family.

By the time we got to the end of the press line and took our seats by the stage (featuring a giant goat-dragon head and a throbbing red heart with a knife through it), the bar was closed and the show was about to begin. Ushers began circulating down the aisles with glasses of chianti, which they explicitly instructed were props, not to be consumed until we were cued during the show. The reality TV star sitting next to me, however, was determined not to be kept sober by any shuttered bar, and she repeatedly told the usher that our row needed more glasses until she had five of them stashed away under her chair. 

This ceremony could not have been more different than the Emmys. This was high spectacle, entertaining for both the attending audience, and, I would expect, the people who watch it on TV. These were fan-selected awards, and at least half of the audience seemed to be fans: costumed, face-painted and corseted fans, who were incredibly excited to see all of the famous faces sprinkled among them. Since it was taped, there was no need to make us sit through commercial breaks, and when there were big set changes to be done they had the foresight to keep us entertained with aerialists, pyrotechnics, and popcorn. In addition to the chianti they also handed out glowsticks, which came labeled with clear instructions for when to use them. My seatmate took three, activated them immediately, and was then forced to stick them up her dress for half an hour until we were given our cue.

As for the awards themselves – they air on Spike at Tuesday night at nine, so I can’t give out any spoilers here. But I will say that I’m pretty sure that Brian made it onto camera, so it might be worth checking out. If you do manage to catch a glimpse, you can probably check out my new haircut as well. I’ll be the one sitting next to his left, the brunette in the purple dress.


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