LA Spaces

The aforementioned article on theatre spaces in Los Angeles hit the Times on Sunday. You can read it here:


In addition to featuring the Black Dahlia, McNulty gives a great overview of some of the most interesting theatres in Los Angeles, places where the plays are pretty consistently good. It’s an excellent guide for the newcomer (or new theatregoer) who’s trying to figure out which venues to check out. And it is accompanied by a cool photo tour, to boot!


One thought on “LA Spaces

  1. Jannie says:

    Ciao Ruth, Lovely website- I’ll bounce back from time to time…
    BTW, I did read much (but not all, I’m embarassed to say) of the script you sent, and I thought that it was some funny, funy and also most clever dialgoue. I also thought you’d have a helluva time casting the female lead- but may be one would just work around/ignore the complex accent, assuming at least something generically midatlantic would work? Did this get produced?

    All best from Ulaanbaatar,

    Jannie, theatre free since 1996

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